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Tips on how to fix problems with Android phones


We all love our Android phones and appreciate them every day. But more often than not, we find ourselves having to deal with a moody android. And it is not something we look forward to experiencing again. The Android mishaps range from hardware issues like a cracked screen or a faulty battery to software issues like refusing to read a microSD card. The issues are endless, and each has its own ways of managing or resolving it.

The following easy steps will ensure that you enjoy your Android experience.

· Automatic Switch Off

hgshgsaas6ash33Sometimes when you least expect it, your Android device decided to switch itself off. This may be annoying as it interferes with your activities. This can be caused by two factors; poor mobile connection with the battery points or installed software that is not compatible with your phone resulting in shutting down. The battery issue can be resolved by buying a new battery while the software issue can be resolved by uninstalling the incompatible software.

· Overheating

Sometimes your Android phone feels as if it is running a fever. And it is actually running; only it is not a fever. Continuous use of the phone without taking a break will result in overheating. Disabling functions when you are not using them and reducing the gaming urge will go a long way to cool down the phone down. Dusting it off and switching it when you are asleep or in business will also be a welcome reprieve.

· Insufficient Space

Android phones come with a fixed amount of internal storage that is usually not expandable, and if you fill it with too many games and music, then you suddenly have a problem when you get another new game or better files to add to your phone. Since the Android internal space is fixed, the only solution to these is to delete older files that you rarely use or uninstall apps that you no longer require. Freeing up space is an important part of enjoying your Android experience as more space on your phone means your system works at its optimal.


Your Android phone is a part of your everyday life, and you will always be with it wherever you go. It is important that you know how to always keep it in its best working condition for it to be of most use to you. Whenever your phone is starting to misbehave, you are now well suited to discipline it to operating as you wish. You can also seek the assistance of Denver Phone Repair.