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How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor


When it comes to monitors for gaming, there are certain things you need to know to confidently buy the best one for your needs. However, with the wide range of different models on the market, 4K, 1440p and 1080p gaming monitors to choose from. Choosing the best gaming monitor can be a challenge. Keep in mind that a good monitor plays a crucial role in your overall gaming experience.

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1. Response Rate

The response rate is one of the most crucial specs to look for when choosing a good monitor. It simply refers to how quickly your screen updates. A lower response rate means that the monitor updates faster. It’s, therefore, important to consider choosing a gaming monitor that has a response rate of 6ms or less.

2. Size

The size of the screen you choose depends on your personal preferences, and how much you are willing and able to pay for your new monitor. Bear in mind massive displays are very expensive, especially the top quality ones with some great specs. You should also consider how powerful gaming system is before choosing any screen for it because larger screens are usually viewed at larger resolutions.

They also need more powerful systems to be able to be rendered smoothly and quickly. Most gamers often prefer a 23-inch or 24-inch screen that is large enough to be quite immersive, but for an even better gaming experience, consider choosing 27-inch screen.

3. Resolution

The best gaming monitors should at least have full HD 1080p (1920×1080). These days most models have this resolution, but it’s important to check before buying. Over 25-inch screens have a Quad-HD (1140p or 2560×1440), but you will need powerful hardware to have a smooth gaming experience.

Monitors with a resolution of 4K 93440×1440) require more power from the gaming PC and are very expensive, making it unsuitable for everyone.

4. Contrast Ratio

The monitor’s contrast ratio is also one of the most helpful specs to compare picture quality between different gaming monitors. Screens that have higher contrast ratio have better picture quality.

A screen with high contrast ratio produces deeper black levels that create an immersive and better visually sharp experience. However, bear in mind that this ratio doesn’t necessarily mean image quality.

5. LdfgdgdgdgdfgCD vs. LED

There is no big difference between LCD and LED monitor, except that LED ones use LED backlighting that comes with some advantages, such as sharper and brighter display, lower power usage, and a thinner screen.

Additionally, LED gaming monitors are relatively expensive than standard LCD screens, but if you are looking for the best gaming monitor, then consider choosing LED model.