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A Checklist For E-commerce Website Monitoring


Monitoring the performance of an e-commerce site is very important, monitoring allows you to know how the site is performing as well as the opportunity to identify and clear any probable error. Your customers will be able to browse through all your products and checkout smoothly. Going about the monitoring process in an efficient manner can be a little challenging, especially is you are not experienced. Below are some of the things to check to ensure you do a great job.

Checklist items


It is vital to ensure that your site is always available to your clients or customers. Even a single asxdaScaasxminute of downtime can lead to significant losses. In addition to the revenue that you lose, you might also discourage customers from ever visiting the site again and damage your e-commerce credibility permanently. You can easily monitor the downtime metrics and control them as required to avoid or minimize the downtime.

Response time

Response time refers to the amount of time the surfer has to wait for content to appear on his browser window after clicking on a URL. It has been proven that a majority of people will not have enough patience to for long and are likely to shift to other sites if the response time is long. To control the response time, you have to determine the exact metrics to monitor and use the data generated from monitoring to minimize the response time appropriately.

asxasDZcsDownload time

The time taken between clicking on a URL and the page fully loading comprises of response time and download time. Download take more of that time and is usually responsible for slow pages. This means that you have to consider download times as well when monitoring your website. You can take the appropriate actions to ensure that pages load within tolerable time frames.


Broken links can undermine the credibility of your site. Given that nearly all e-commerce sites have links, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the links do not return blank pages or error messages. This concerns both internal and external links. Many reasons can cause links to break, meaning that continuous monitoring is necessary to ensure good site performance. Given that it is one of the simplest control processes, it should not be a reason to inconvenience your customers.

5 Benefits of Custom Web Design to SMEs


Having a website is not rocket science. This fact is especially true for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, having a fully functional website is not a cake walk either. As such, SMEs, which are associated with a shortage of resources, should take advantage having a functional and active online presence. The beauty of having a website is that it helps the business expand its horizon, and it is an economical approach of doing business.

Web DesignsDfSDdsvcsdvfc

Ideally, a site is set to attract new customers and convert their interest on the services and products the company is selling into sales. In this regard, the design of a company’s website plays a great role in determining whether the company will convert the traffic into the site into tangible benefits. Perth web design company is one such site that can help you achieve this. You can their webpage to see the available options. In this regard, businesses that ignore the essence of having quality web design are bound to lose especially if they are competing with an established company for the market share. This is where custom web design comes in.

Why Custom Web Design

The beauty of having a customized site is that it gives you a unique sense of identity online. First, this helps in creating some brand awareness and helps you stand out in whatever you are doing. However, what are the principle benefits of having a customized site? Read on.

Perfect for executing business plans

Having a custom made site presents you with an excellent platform for chalking both your business and online strategies. As such, you will be able to make modifications as you advance. This way, you will be able to made amends for your shortfalls and build upon your strengths.

Complete Expression

With custom web design solutions, you do not have to cut your feet to fit the shoe. Unlike with companies that buy preexisting templates, you can always show out what you think in necessary. Moreover, you also exercise some control over the aesthetics and technical functionalities of your site.

sdcvDAVsssssProfessional Logo

As highlighted, a brand is critical to you success in the online world. It helps your customers identify with you easily. As such, a professional and neatly designed logo will give some technical advantages over your competitors both in the virtual world and in the real one.

Most successful online businesses online attribute their success to the quality of their site and the Internet marketing strategy. As such, it is prudent for any SME to invest in a good website design company if at all they look forward to making it online.